As a Vogue Cleaners Customer, you’ll be able to experience total convenience with your own Express Service Bag. Fill up and drop off your bag any time – 24 hours a day by taking advantage of our drop box. Your Vogue Cleaners Express Bag, with an information tag attached, is the key to “Express Service.” Give us your instructions once and we’ll always know what you want. Drop off your bag and pick up your cleaning later. You are in and out in seconds, every time.


Vogue Cleaners specializes in the cleaning, restoration, and fishing of suedes, leathers and furs. We employ the Royaltone cleaning process developed by one of the industry’s most well known leather, suede, and fur expert Frank Lucenta. Our cleaning rejuvenates and restores the original luster of your suedes, leathers, and furs. For your convenience and piece of mind, we offer temperature and humidity controlled vault storage for your furs.


Vogue also offers wash and fold bundle service for your convenience. We know how to wash and dry your laundry so whites & colors are just the way they should be; clean and fresh. We wash and fold t-shirts, jeans, towels, sheets, etc. to allow you extra free time to do the things you’d rather be doing instead of washing and folding clothes.


We hope you never need our restoration services, but rest assured that Vogue is here to give you the special care you need in the event of a disaster. Our ability to handle all smoke and flood related damage to your garments and household textiles is tried and proven. Most garments and textile items can be fully restored. In the event of a fire or flood; time is critical. We off 24/7 pickup of all garments and household textiles in order to achieve optimum restoration.


Clean clothes are the first step to preventing moth and other insect damage. Insects can damage garments directly or indirectly. Direct damage is caused by a group of insects feeding directly on a fabric. Indirect damage is caused when insects feed on spilled food or perspiration on the fabric.


It’s our job to pay attention to the details. Loose buttons are tightened and missing or broken buttons are matched and replaced free of charge.

Vogue offers starch to meet your preference and folded shirt service for convenience.

We employ the latest in wet cleaning detergents to prolong the life of your laundered garments and keep your clothes their cleanest. Our finishing equipment combined with our highly trained employees keep our customers looking professional.


There is no need to risk disaster using an over-the-counter “all-purpose” stain removal product or trying a “home remedy”. You can rely on our expert stain removal and cleaning abilities. We can professionally clean your area rugs, blankets, comforters, duvets, cushion covers, and table cloths.


Vogue Cleaners specializes in the cleaning, restoration, finishing, and preservation of wedding gowns, christening gowns, baptismal gowns, and other cherished garments.

To clean and restore heirloom garments, we use an environmentally friendly hydrocarbon solvent, the most gentle of all dry cleaning solvents, along with the most advanced detergents, sizing and spotting agents.

Our experienced finishers use the pressing equipment that is appropriate for your garment’s particular fabric.

To protect against oxidation and moisture we offer museum quality preservation. Our heirlooming procedures allow you to safely store and view your most precious garments for generations to come.


We gently clean the most delicate and exotic fabrics. Extra gentle cleaning protects your garment’s delicate fibers and revitalizes their innate colors and textures.

Your garments are meticulously inspected for problem areas and we address them with special attention when and where needed. We tend to every detail so that you will look and feel your very best.


We take pride in our exclusive use of environmentally friendly hydrocarbon solvent. Our dry cleaning solvent dissolves solvent soluble soils such as waxes, oils and greases. Our solvent is also charged with optical brighteners, as well as sizing, which prolongs the life, like new feel and appearance of your garments.

The water soluble soils are removed by our dry cleaning machines mechanical action combined with our specialized dry cleaning detergents. Our dry cleaning procedures take cleaning to a new level.

To protect against oxidation and moisture we offer museum quality preservation. Our heirlooming procedures allow you to safely store and view your most precious garments for generations to come.


The investment in draperies and window treatments can be substantial. Exposure to the environment and direct sunlight can lead to permanent damage such as discoloration and weakened threads, especially those in folds closest to windows.

Cleaning on a regular basis (we recommend every other year) is important to prolonging the life of your draperies and window treatments.


Vogue Cleaners offers full service alterations and repairs including replacing buttons, zippers, waist, and hem adjustments.

Fittings are available from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Mon-Fri. Walk-ins are welcomed, or simply call to schedule a convenient appointment.


Vogue Cleaners has a full line of wedding gown services from gown finishing and or cleaning for your special day to the professional restoration and preservation of your gown’s true beauty for generations to come.